Diwali celebrations in Harare, 2014 - FUNGAIFOTO
Diwali celebrations in Harare, October 2014 | FUNGAIFOTO.

As Zimbo Jam, we have documented the arts & culture scene in Zimbabwe since our days as itsbho.com which was launched in 2004. Itsbho.com led to zimbojam.com, launched in 2008.

In over thirteen years of documenting the arts in Zimbabwe, one worrying trend kept leaping out at us – how commonplace the artist who is not able to turn their talent into some sort of turnover is.

This is accompanied by the cliche of the artist who makes a lot of money in a short space of time and then loses it all seemingly overnight. Between these two extremes and everything in between, we realised that a lot of work needed to be done and so the Zimbo Jam Trust was formed in 2016.

We’d love to hear your suggestions on business and professionalism related issues that need to be addressed in the arts and culture sector so that we can structure our programming to best suit the needs of artists and the communities they serve.