The Zimbo Jam Trust offers a number of services all centered around the idea of turning talent into turnover and the use of cultural resources to create sustainable livelihoods.

Training & Mentorship

We carry out entrepreneurial training & mentorship programmes for arts & culture practitioners, covering key business and professionalism related issues. We also run programmes to help artists improve various skill sets to enable them to produce higher quality products. 

Arts for Social Impact

Our core belief is that all work must have a component of giving back to the society. We recognise that the arts are a powerful medium for social change and influence. We put these two ideas together and work with artists to help them structure campaigns that deliver positive impact in their communities and beyond. 

Arts & Culture Info Service

Our Africa Arts & Culture Information Service (AACIS) is designed to keep artists in Zimbabwe and around Africa informed about opportunities for work, exhibitions, conferences and training. We use a mailing list, social media and other services as our tools for information dissemination.

Tours & Residencies

We link artists and cultural practitioners up with opportunities for touring around the world. We also assist artists with getting into residencies that encourage learning, neworking & offer exposure to new frontiers.

Arts & Culture Promotion

Through our partners Exist Digital and their www.zimbojam.com portal we promote Zimbabwean arts and culture globally, reaching over 100,000 people every month. We also offer a media services for festivals and cultural institutions.

Other Services

Other services we offer include implementation of organisational efficiency tools for cultural organisations, training for information officers and documentation specialists and archiving of digital & physical arts & culture materials.

"If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all." - Michelangelo


News, opportunities for artists and opportunities for arts journalists.